Dunlap Training Facility

A facility where our Seminoles prepare to be champions.

Winning is a Process…and the Process is Practice

Competition in the 21st Century requires that elite student-athletes train year round in championship facilities. The indoor practice facility demonstrates FSU’s commitment to those aspiring individuals who wish to reach their full potential, win championships and achieve NFL dreams. The 2013 Florida State Football team did not miss one practice or one class during their National Championship season thanks to the Al Dunlap Athletic Training Facility. Without weather delays, our student-athletes were able to maintain tight schedules and succeed on the field as well as in the classroom.

Donors to the Champions Campaign will have the choice of naming opportunities within the Al Dunlap Athletics Training Facility.

Intercollegiate competition in the 21st Century means elite athletes training year round in championship facilities. An indoor practice facility guarantees that our coaches and players can train in spite of severe heat, violent storms or other disruptions. Florida State is back in the game again. We need your help now to ensure that our Seminoles have the place where they can prepare to be champions.