Changing Lives

Champions Campaign scholarships fund dreams and change lives...

Our goal is to fund a scholarship endowment large enough that annual earnings
will fund all scholarships for all sports.

Champions Campaign Scholarships Fund Dreams and Change Lives…

The dream of playing college sports is a powerful motivator for young student athletes, many of whom are the first from their family to attend college. Your tax-deductible gift to the Champions Campaign Endowed Scholarship fund helps make those dreams come true.

Universities do not give athletic scholarships. Rather, they are paid for by the FSU Athletics Department and Seminole Booster annual membership contributions at a current cost of $9.5 million per year. The Champions Campaign goal is to add to the program’s scholarship endowment so that one day it will be large enough to fund the annual cost of scholarships. That endowment would need to be $190 million today, earning 5 percent, to fund the current annual cost of scholarships.

Scholarships attract elite student-athletes.
Scholarship donations are 100% tax deductible.
Individuals can make scholarship gifts in any amount and receive recognition for their gifts.
Scholarship donors enjoy personal contact with the student-athlete scholarship recipients.
Over 80% of FSU’s scholarship recipients graduate.
Scholarship donors are proud to provide life-changing opportunities for student-athletes and their families to come.

Thanks to my scholarship, I was the first from my family to attend college. My scholarship led me to understand how important education is and to raise the academic standard for my children. My scholarship changed my life, my brother’s life, my son Christian’s (former FSU quarterback) life and generations of the Ponder family.

David Ponder, Defensive Tackle 1982